Kazan kindergarten gave it to the homeless

Kazan kindergarten gave it to the homelessTomorrow two-storey slum address Garifjanova, 4A will celebrate its second anniversary. In 2011, the international children's day, there was a decision of the city authorities on the transfer of this building with the balance of JSC "Quart" in municipal ownership. And as conveyed to protect ceased. The current state of the object is terrifying.On Tuesday there some kid beat box, the day before the building was fighting bums - call police had, in the past year Teens corpse found in the building... But this was a cozy children's center, my daughter there dancing involved! - told the correspondent of "VK" resident of a neighboring chetyrnadcatiletnii Tamara Sadyhanova.Most of the Windows of the building closed lattices, however, to get inside can be anyone: the doors wide open. While we fotokor climb the stairs under my feet crunch the broken bottles. The stink is even on the threshold. The sense of unreality covers when dirty and littered with trash premises bears traces of the old life.About the time of the children's center remind demolished the piano in the dance hall, Billboard dance Studio "Apartment-al" and a number of concert seats against the wall of the former tenants and office furniture, cabinets, chairs. All the coating of dust and dirt. In some places the walls are traces of the leak. As the building was hit stroller, we found in one of the rooms, you can only guess. Where evaporated batteries, plumbing and wiring, to guess a lot easier. Habitat new owners - homeless - issue spread on the floor quilted jackets, blankets. In one of the rooms on the ground floor we find a bed and a table with clean utensils and jars of jam. The owners of this food we wait....Typical kindergarten with a swimming pool in the 90's built Kazan plant of rubber technical products (now JSC "Quart"). Build built and put into operation was not. Former plant workers remember that there is a formal complexity with state acceptance, and it was decided to postpone. There are gardens on the balance sheet were few, and the country experienced a sharp decline in fertility.That object is not passed, the locals didn't even know. The building was full of life. But not in kindergarten. Older children performed a lot of time, engaging in sports, clubs and studios. In the mid-2000s in the children's center has been providing services for adults - fitness, aerobics, sauna. And children were displaced tenants, offering people services attorneys, attorneys, accountants, etc. Under the roof of the unfinished worked even public police station - the end of the building still stands in its name...To comment on the sad story of the transfer of the building to the municipality, the management of JSC "Quart" refused. One of the former tenants said that in 2011 the landlord just informed about the imminent termination of contracts, and in the building of the kindergarten is often visited by representatives of budgetary organizations. It was rumored that this may move musical school. Among the other candidates in the settlers called the staff of the Volga police Department.The current condition of the building and its inhabitants of concern to police. Two hundred meters from the building Center of gymnastics and sports complex "Zilant". Both objects will be used during the games. The facades of houses in the neighborhood with them attract the attention of fresh paint. At the abandoned garden we could not find even an attempt to restore order. But in preparation for the Universiade in Kazan in full swing sanitary bimonthly. Perhaps, the authorities intend to offer guests of the Universiade tour adventure tourism in this slum?"The authorities repeatedly wrote letters to the Executive Committee, was asked to take action," says district Rafis Galyamov, explaining that from time to time have to drive out of the building homeless people and teenagers. "Murders never came here?" - asked the correspondent of "VK". "Well, there were cases among the homeless," said district.The press service of the Executive Committee of Kazan, the correspondent of "VK" reported that unfinished documents the garden really is in municipal ownership, and the desire to bring it back into operation from the local authorities there. It remains to find and money. Two variants - the transfer of the object to investors under a private kindergarten and the inclusion of buildings in the construction and reconstruction of pre-school institutions of Kazan in 2013. The time frame since no one speaks. But in the Executive Committee assure that dirtied the object with damaged glass is... guarded. The appropriate municipal contract in March.Under the program of reconstruction of kindergartens Republic plans to overhaul existing kindergartens for more than 30 years ago. Such in Kazan 175, more than half. Kindergarten for Garifjanova younger. But the inhabitants of the surrounding houses say, if the building will last another couple of years without preservation, restoration would cost more than new construction. And there is no guarantee that after the demolition on a large plot of municipal land will appear so necessary to the local community garden.

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