Sabantuy-2013: Champions and ballet

Sabantuy-2013: Champions and balletIn General, the traditional month for festivals - June. But in Tatarstan decided: why main Sabantuy is not to be held in July - just in the Universiade? And guests will be something to see, and we'll have something to show.All will begin at 9 a.m. in the village of peace. Every shrub Birch groves, where you will gather the most important guests of the holiday, check cynologists with dogs.On the Maidan for spectators will put their intricate "trinkets" artisans, and after a couple of hours will begin the show.- The names of the stars who will sing from the stage for guests who will not be called. This is a surprise, said the Ministry of culture of the Republic.But Kazan persistently rumored that one of the VIP guests during the feast will become the country's President Vladimir Putin. Sure add word press Secretary to the first person of the state:Putin may visit the competitions held these days in Kazan Universiade.Most likely we are talking about judo, as with martial arts at the Russian President's special relationship: he is a master of sports in Sambo and holds a black belt in karate.In his previous visits to the feast of the plow Putin took a coin from katyk, danced Tatar folk music, was rooting for horses at the racetrack. What now will surprise Vladimir Putin?THE TEST FOR REAL MENWon't remember how many checkers broken before the national wrestling kuresh was included in the list of sports at the summer Universiade. Importantly, the winner is the strongest hero ("hero") will determine on this day. Because the belt wrestling - spectacle No. 1 on the feast of the plow.The traditional prize - the sheep will go to the champion, who will put their opponents on both blades. But, it is likely that the main Batyr leave Sabantui with Universitetskiy "gold" on the neck, "horned" under his arm and on his own "iron horse".DANCE AND SING!But fans of Russian, Tatar and other folk songs and dances are waiting in the Park for the summer Universiade. In the evening there will work best folk groups of Russia and Tatarstan in particular. For "dessert" - a few steps from the Igor Moiseyev ballet.Patting the beat and sing along slender and not very voices allowed. The main thing is not to interfere with enjoying the rest.SPECIFICALLYIs it possible to arrange a feast in strict fast?- Answer for yourself: is it possible to rejoice, not drinking or not eating? - answered "KP" Kathy Kazan Mahmud Hazrat Sharafutdinov. - If the people in two or three hours going to the Park to unwind, delight their children with sweets, don't worry. This religion does not forbid. Just during the night of breaking the fast (iftar) food tastier and water sweeter. You can, but remember that fasting is fasting. And if you hold it, be faithful to him until the end.HOW TO GETIn the Birch grove on the Sabantui 2013 can be accessed by buses and special trains.9.

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