Nastya Kamenskih discovered the truth about her pregnancy

Nastya Kamenskih discovered the truth about her pregnancyIn the summer of 2013, many fans said that the Ukrainian star Nastya Kamenskih more rapidly increases in volume. Many spiteful critics have even said that very soon the star will catch up with his partner on stage - Potap. Some suspected the singer in pregnancy. At the "New wave" in Jurmala She wore the outfit, which only emphasized bulging belly. Gown of lace and sheer mesh body color put Anastasia in an interesting position at the 6th month.Anastasia in response to suspicions replied that she did not have time for the gym. Just a couple of weeks ago Potap was able to discover the reasons of the fulness of his colleagues. Was She pregnant with twins from singer Serega. SEM Sergei Parkhomenko said that obscene joke of Alex Potapenko hurt the feelings of members of his family.Finally and Anastasia decided to shed some light on this complicated story. In an interview with "StarHit" the singer said that "interesting position" it's already seven years - as long as there is the duet "Potap and Nastya": "In fact, the appearance of the effect of irregular schedule and unreal fatigue. When you have a week four concerts in different countries (plus flights!) and a dozen shootings, it is impossible to comply with diet and exercise," said a media personality.Nastia is now again ready to go on a diet, the port when the height is 173 cm, it weighs 80 kg Some diet may seem hard: first, the singer is happy with the house cleaning of the kidneys and bladder from toxins: 10 days goes on fresh juices, eat oranges and take 1 tbsp. of olive oil a day. Takes at least 5 kg After such procedures, it is easier to stick to a diet - refuses potatoes, flour, sugar, cheese and sausages. Easy hunger interrupts fruits, vegetables or low fat cottage cheese. Try to eat often, but little by little and slowly, realizing that the feeling of satiety comes not at once, but 20 minutes later. Loves Hiking, 5-6 miles a day.Potap all supports Nastya and considers a "standard Ukrainian beauty"".

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