Books in which the main characters of the boys

Books in which the main characters of the boysUp to 7 years:1) Hans Andersen: The Snow Queen2) Agnia Barto: it Was my grandmother forty grandchildren3) James Barrie: Peter Pan4) Judy Blume: Peter pine, or Younger brothers do not choose5) Catherine Boyarsky: Hey, becomes an adult: a historical tale for children6) Spiridon vangheli: Cuba from the village of Turturica7) Spiridon Vangheli: Adventure Guguce. Stories8) Spiridon vangheli: guguce - the captain of the ship9) Alex Vinokurov: Exposing the Black Dog: a historical tale for children10) Ruth Gannett: My father's dragon11) William Hauf: Little Mook12) Paul Gallico: Jenny13) Quentin Graban: blame it on the orange14) MABs Gudrun: "Grandma!" - shouts Frederick15) MABs Gudrun: Grandma! again shouts Frederick16) MABs Gudrun: Grandma and Frieder - friends forever!17) Rachel Gurevich: Rita, Bob and Injustice18) Norton Juster: Cute and magical booth19) Crockett Johnson, Harold and the purple crayon20) Donaldson and Scheffler: Favorite book Charlie cook21) Victor Dragunsky: Deniskin stories22) Victor Dragoon: the Big book of stories23) Yuri Friends: the Magic school Pencil and Homemade24) Yuri Friends: adventures of Pencil and Homemade: a True tale25) Boris Zhitkov: I won!26) Leonid Zavalniuk: Kohl, Olya and Archimedes27) Louis Kern: Look, elephant...28) Dick King-Smith: Lady Daisy29) korostylev, Suteev: Vovka in Neverland30) Selma Lagerlof: the Wonderful adventures of Nils with the wild geese31) Ekaterina Lebedeva: my Brother Sprat32) Risk Lemmens: Leon growls33) Mikhail Lermontov: Ashik - Kerib: Turkish tale34) Astrid Lindgren: We are all from Bullerby35) Astrid Lindgren: the adventures of Emil from Lenneberg36) Astrid Lindgren: As Emil hit head soup tureen37) Astrid Lindgren: As Emil poured the batter on the head Pope38) Astrid Lindgren: Crumb Nils Carlson39) Astrid Lindgren: the Kid and Karlsson on the roof40) the World lobe: Granny Apple49) mine McMaster: In the dark50) Luciano Malmusi: Neanderthal boy, or Big hike51) Luciano Malmusi: Neanderthal boy and the CRO-Magnons52) Samuel Marshak: Wax BLOB53) Nikolay Nosov: Visionaries54) noses, noses: All the adventures of Neznaika. Set of 4 books55) Nikolay Nosov: dunno and his friends56)Vladimir Odoevsky: Town of snuff57) Manuela Olten: Quickly in bed!58) Valentine Aseeva: Blue leaves59) Leonid Panteleyev: Honestly60) Dolphin Perret: I, wolf and vacation with grandpa61) Charles Perrault: Tom thumb62) Valentin Postnikov: Pencil and Samodelkin on the island of giant insects62) Valentin Postnikov: Pencil and Samodelkin on the island of fantastic plants63) Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the wolf ( CD)64) Sophia Prokofiev: the adventures of yellow suitcase65) Sophia Prokofiev: the New adventures of yellow suitcase66) Sophia Prokofiev: Karisik and Slowride67) Archpriest Nikolai: Kindness spiritual. Tales-Proverbs68) Daniel römer: Small knight69) Gianni Rodari: Tales by phone70) Gianni Rodari: Tales by phone71) Carl Roman: OLE can't sleep72) Svetoslav Saharov: solar boy72) Sergey Sedov: the Tale of a boy Lesha73) Peter Sinyavsky: Tankers cheers!74) Peter Sinyavsky: I pilots want very75) Peter Sinyavsky: On the ribbon written "Varyag".

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