The third investigated in 2013 dairy products were adulterated - CPS RT

The third investigated in 2013 dairy products were adulterated - CPS RTLast year in Tatarstan laboratory investigated about 60 thousand samples of food products for compliance with hygienic standards. This was reported, speaking today at the Board of Management of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human wellbeing, the Commissioner Marina Patatina.She noted the positive dynamics of the decrease microbial contamination of food products and food raw materials in Tatarstan to 4.3 percent. This indicator in the Republic for the first time in 7 years has been below the national average.M Patatina expressed concern about some of sanitary-chemical indicators of food safety."A 2-fold increase in the detection of histamine in fish products, indicating a gross violation of the production, storage and transportation of the products," she said.According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor on RT, in the consumer market, more than 33 percent of the investigated dairy products were adulterated with vegetable fats without appropriate labelling for consumers."This sin unscrupulous businesses to reduce the cost of the finished product. In 85 percent of cases, non-dairy fats falsify butter. Such products are often imported from Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza and Samara regions", - said the speaker.The number of Tatarstan manufacturers, falsifying dairy products vegetable fats, compared with last year dropped 3 times.As assured by the speaker, in the last 3 years the Republican producers more than 2.5 times decreased the share of food products with chemical pollutants.The share of imported food products with chemical pollutants were 3 times higher than the same indicators of Tatarstan and other Russian manufacturers.Last year the management of treatment was seized around 30 tonnes of imported food products. Total management regulations withdrawn from circulation for about 120 tons of poor-quality and dangerous food products.Today, the security officers of the management company "Just milk" raided in the agro-industrial Park "Kazan" in order to make test purchases adulterated oil - counterfeit products under well-known brand.According to the head of the Department of production and control "Just milk" Yulia Tarasova, from buyers in the last 2 months of calls with complaints about the quality of the oil, which is a well-known brand. Employees of the company decided to look into this situation and to see whether someone is cheating the buyer, using the packaging of the famous brand.Today during the RAID 2 secret buyer made a purchase of butter in the 2 outlets of the object. Then the specialists of the company compared bought samples of the original.It turned out that the differences can be seen by the naked eye. First, on the forgery you don't see "GOST R". Secondly, the words "72,5% fat" on the product packaging is not where it should be. Marking is also different from the original: in the last used needle Markyate - on the packaging you can see the 6 points.The content is also different in appearance. Fake oil has a more heterogeneous bright yellow color with small spots and a softer texture. In addition, the price of oil low, which also must call the buyer suspicion."If the bundle contains our brand, this means that we guarantee the quality and responsible for product that is not produced. We must fight against fraud," said Yulia Tarasova.According to the company, this fake oil is sold in all the markets of the city. In order to avoid fraud, you need to buy oil in commercial networks Kazan, with whom the company works.The saleswoman that released oil, refused to show the invoices and certificate of conformity. She stated that she was not to blame, closed the hall and disappeared. This example was followed by all employees of the nearby pavilions, which sells dairy products. Protection and administration of the complex has banned the shooting and tried to impede the investigation.Arrived at the scene, the district Commissioner of the police Department, "Guards" to register the fact of detection of tampering. But it was not easy, because the saleswoman 1st point was closed in the toilet, but the saleswoman 2nd-hid oil. After much persuasion the clerk agreed to testify.Then in the office of the lawyer of the company was made a complaint to initiate a criminal case. Bought samples were withdrawn for transfer to the center of expertise. The results of the examination will show how harmful this oil.

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