The medical records for admission to the school is not required

The medical records for admission to the school is not requiredArina protection, human rights activist: 17 April 2012 in Russia changed the order of admission of children in schools. Now for recording and reception of the child in secondary school do not need a medical card and other conclusions about the health of children, they are provided only at the request of parents.Changes for more than a year, but they do not know not only many parents, but schools! Offer active parents who want to help themselves and all others to live easier and more enjoyable, to disseminate this information as widely as possible. Tell familiar to parents of future first, let precinct pediatricians, tell the nurse and the principal.I guess that not everyone will be happy with the new rules. People "system" struggling with that all were accounted for and calculated. However, don't let anyone put you in a "happy" future "iron hand". Allow yourself to choose desired your child checkups, doctors, and if Yes, what kind and where.So, new rules were established by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (Ministry of education and science) from February 15, 2012 107 N "On approval of the Procedure of reception of citizens in educational institutions". (The order is registered in Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation on April 17, 2012)This Order also establishes the duty of schools to accept children attached at the place of residence, allowing you to refuse only if seats are not available in the institution, and mentions the inadmissibility of any entrance tests (exams, tests, interviews).In case of refusal of a place at a nearby school and other violations of school administrations, parents are recommended to contact the local authorities in the sphere of education of the relevant municipal district or city district.Also sets deadlines for the organized reception in the first class of fixed according to the principle of territoriality children:they are accepted until August 1.But since August 1, the school has the right to post information about the availability of places for children that are not registered in the territories.Paragraph 12 of the Order says that the admission of children to school is at the personal request of the child's parents upon presentation of a document proving the identity. This statement must specify:a) surname, name, patronymic of the childb) date and place of birth;in) surname, name, patronymic of the child's parents.Parents must present the original and photocopy of birth certificate of the child, original and photocopy of the registration certificate of the child at the place of residence in the territories.Paragraph 13 of the Order emphasizes that parents have the right in its sole discretion to submit other documents, including medical report on the health status of the child.That is, if you, the parents, want to give the school the child health card - you there are. If you do not want to announce his decision. Referring to this Order and opinion of his lawyer.On the issues of communication with government officials (including the administration of schools and clinics), you can read a short and useful article.So - medical records in schools was abolished and in this case we can observe, as one of the iconic instruments of pressure on the parents of unvaccinated children - namely, the signing of medical records as a condition of admission to the school cancelled without any further complications.Remembering the queue of future first-graders and their parents in the local hospital on the eve of the paperwork in the school, one can only rejoice that another bureaucratic issue is resolved.Now, any parent has the right to treat a child for medical help when needed, and not just for the sake in the school medical records. Let's hope that this initiative on the part of legislative bodies will continue following worthy measures.

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