In Kazan wielding con artist, collecting money for an operation for a terminally ill kid""

In Kazan wielding con artist, collecting money for an operation for a terminally ill kidMary Galiullina from Kazan accused that she shamelessly profit from compassion. Maria draws the compassionate women money allegedly spent on her treatment of a terminally ill child, says deceived by the scammer Valeria Khalimov.Two children Mary - quite alive and healthy - educates their grandmother, says Valeria. And the money collected from sympathizers Kazantsev, allow Mary to live large.Valeria and the year-old child. Therefore, seeing a tearful plea for help a young mother, she immediately called."I said exhausted voice, and I believe with the interviewee trouble," recalls affected. She is told that her child is in Ronald McDonald and money for the operation is not enough. I offered five thousand. She said that she will take the money only in debt, with repayment.When meeting Maria complained about the callousness of medical operation, which is to save the child, they are willing to do for 280 thousand rubles. But they are not.- I, naively, believed, says Valeria. I shot a credit card with another 25 thousand rubles, brought them to the children's Republican clinical hospital, where it is alleged together with the child was Mary.Women met for five minutes - one gave money, the second that he wrote and dissolved in the hospital corridors. However, again had time to cry - husband is not one to raise two very hard, money is sorely lacking.Valeria so impressed that he wrote a letter to Rustam Minnikhanov. In response, she asked where confidence that the child Galiullina lies in Ronald McDonald.Valeria asked Maria photo of the kid and said room chamber. She sent the photo, said the room of the chamber and disappeared. On the phone, at least, no longer responds. The search for "the lost ones" in the house, too, failed.But suddenly surfaced a few people who have Galiullina also managed to borrow money. One pregnant mother handed the swindler as many as half a million! You can imagine what she felt when he learned that Mary generously spent all collected on outfits and beautiful life?!- As soon as I wrote on the Internet about Masha and her way of earning money, I immediately said that unpleasantly surprised my angry message, and are willing to pay, " he told "MK" Valeria. "Only I don't believe that she will give the money. But, if so, I'm still going to call her punishment. All who have trusted and gave money - young mothers. Maria used their maternal instinct for their deeds. For this should be punished.Adverse publicity in social networks work. When the photo Galiullina appeared on the Internet, found new victims. Feelings they do not hide, expressions are not shy.- This misery called mother? writes deceived Maria classmate dilara Trotsenko. - Take advantage of my kindness and the fact that many of my friends! People! Excuse me, I believe her, and it is, therefore, too! This monster had tricked me! Took advantage of the fact that the studied together! This is MARIA ZIMINA! He studied at the law faculty! Lives with the son of the judge! Works too, in court!In the children's Republican clinical hospital, where we got a call about a sick baby's Galiullina no one heard. Hearing whether you can pay for the operation of the child by transfer, a nurse from the surgery was surprised:- What money? We baby surgery free!In the Ministry of health of the Republic of Tajikistan "MK" said the child with the last name Galiullin (mom no name or sex of a terminally ill baby" nobody reported in Ronald McDonald does not lie.- It is important to check that the children who need help, exist in reality and really need help, " says Anna Fedorova, President of the charitable organization "Mothers of Kazan"".

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