The head of the Ministry of education suggested that when assessing the outlet works do not consider literacy

The head of the Ministry of education suggested that when assessing the outlet works do not consider literacyMinister of education and science Dmitry Livanov suggested not to assess the literacy of graduates when writing the final essay in the 11th grade, which is the "tolerance" for the exam. This is stated in the transcript of the meeting of the Council on the final essay in high school, which is posted on the website."I think, to put a score for literacy is not necessary. It binds, the man is afraid to make a mistake and writes not so, how could or wanted," said Livanov, talking about writing, the purpose of which, according to the head of the Ministry of education, is "the verification of a person's ability to think independently, to justify their conclusions based on the literary works of Russian and world literature, as included in the school curriculum and beyond".Recall that last week were published thematic areas of the outlet works 2014/2015 academic year. Among them - "the whole Russia remembers..." (on the works of M. Y. Lermontov), "the Questions posed to humanity by war", "Man and nature in the domestic and world literature", "Dispute generations: together and apart", "What men live by? (topics of this unit suggest thinking about value orientations, moral, social, philosophical aspects of life). The actual theme on the basis of these trends, the office will develop by December 2014, when, in fact, will be the essay.Note that regarding the upcoming tests for pupils clearly not everything. It is known that writing the text the student is in the school building and inspection works will be engaged teachers with possible involvement of independent experts. Assessment students receive will not be judged of their works will be only on a pass/fail.According to preliminary information, the arguments in support of their opinions can be result not only from literature, but from cinematographic works. This will be assessed not only the content, but - so far - literacy.Be a new entrance test will be in December, and, if unsatisfactory, the student will have the opportunity until the end of the school year to rewrite the essay: in February, March and even April.According to the Ministry of education and science, after writing students essay work immediately will be scanned and placed in regional and Federal information systems support for the exam, access to which will have all the universities of the country. The graduate will be granted the right when applying in admissions universities to decide whether to add written essay to your portfolio. At the same time, universities in the Declaration of conditions of admission will be required to indicate whether they will consider the final compositions.How many hours writing, the recommended size of the work, will not be allowed to use the books - not solved. Testing works either, so it's unclear what will be done by the teacher, if you find that mentioned in the essay student book he never read, and the movies are watched. According to the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov, the estimation procedure works and the procedure of examination will be finalized before October 1, 2014.

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  • The head of the Ministry of education suggested that when assessing the outlet works do not consider literacy
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