Correct capture of chest, good attachment. What is it?

Correct capture of chest, good attachment. What is it?What is it?What does this mean? And why is it needed? And that's why - with the right attachmentmy mom doesn't hurt to feed, no cracks (unless there is an infection of the breast)the baby sucks the breast of a lot of milkIn turn, inappropriate use of often painful nipples, cracks occur on the chest, the child does not empty the breast, does not drink all the milk. The amount of milk decreases.Every woman breastfeeding prefer painless effective feeding painful ineffective.How to understand that you and your baby grabbing the chest right?There are several signs.The asymmetry. What it is, very easy to understand, if you give your finger to nurse the child. Pat the child on the reed he will start to suck. And if you flip the finger and make the movement of his pad across the sky, "come unto me," the child begins to suck much stronger. I.e., the right grip is when the nipple of the breast touches the sky. This enables powerful sucking reflex. As the doctors say, "the baby will suck on anything, we just correct it is to give!" This attachment must be asymmetric, i.e., the chest is facing the nipple is not in the mouth of the child, and up into the sky. Then the bottom will be captured by a much larger piece of the chest than at the top. Optimal for this feed is not in a normal position of the Madonna, and under the arms or in the so-called "cross-cradle" when the child is held in the opposite hand (left hand for right breast, for example). When holding the neck of the child is supported by the palm of the mother and, moving his hand, the mother controls the capture (see position).The tongue ON the gum. Try to squeeze the teeth can be compressed very much. Now put on your teeth, tongue and try to squeeze in. The power is much less! When the child correctly sucks, he puts his tongue on the gum and compresses not too much. My mother no pain! When sucking the kid presses the tab on the chest, making a wave-like motion and squeezing the milk into her mouth and then sucking it with the help of vacuum. The language must move freely and stick out far enough. When incorrectly sucks, language remains inside of the mouth and gums shrink much more painful; milk flows worse. It is necessary to control the language of the child, so he was out.One of the common problems - short frenulum, and the language just can't lean forward to the teeth and the capture is always wrong, often painful, or there is no pain, but the baby cannot suck enough milk and still hungry (possibly, cries a lot, often asks his chest, and for a long time on it "hangs"). Try easy-to touch the lower lip of a sleepless child - he most likely will widely open mouth and stick out his tongue, the tongue must lean forward on the gums and on. The figures on the right - pronounced short frenulum (the membrane connecting the tongue and the lower part of the mouth). The characteristic feature - when the protrusion of the tongue tip has the shape of a heart (but it's not required, short frenulum can be of different types). Here are some more pictures . Detailed article about the bridle with customers ЛЛЛ . Translation detailed presentation dentist Dr. Palmer about the frenulum (the doctor had done a lot of research on the topic of GW, bite, bridles; the page with the link for the translation and original).

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