Kazan had grown dissatisfied with the quality of education

Kazan had grown dissatisfied with the quality of educationKazan, may 16, AIF Kazan. Today at the XXII session of Kazan city Duma deputies summed up the socio-economic development of Kazan in 2012 and approved the report on budget execution Kazan in 2012.The income of the capital of Tatarstan in 2012 amounted to $ 24,468 billion rubles, expenses - 23,788 billion, Thus, Kazan budget was in surplus. This happened, in particular, because increased by 10, 2% of own revenues. Speaking about the results of development of the city, the Chairman of the Committee for economic development of the Kazan Executive Committee Sergei Vatanen said the average monthly salary for 2012 is to 26.3 thousand, the increase in the share of the population with incomes above the minimum consumer budget, and reducing unemployment to 0.85%.However, many of the goals remained unfulfilled.71 indicator assessing socio-economic benefits of the program executed 48 indicators, performance was 66, 7%, says the report. Not executed in the main indicators section provide a spatial and infrastructural development. According to Sergei Vatanen, was lower than planned and housing per capita (24, 1 instead of the planned 24, 4), which is associated with significant population growth, including through migration. Did not live up to the forecast and income per capita (35 867, 5 rubles instead of the planned 37 097 rubles).The large gaps between actual and desired identified in education. If in 2011 the quality of General education were satisfied 80% of respondents Kazantsev, 2012, only 48, 1% of respondents. And despite the fact that education in 2012, left 36, 5% of all spending budget! Decreased and the proportion of graduates who passed the exam, the total number of graduates who participated in the completion of this examination: 98, 1% instead of 98, 9% of the forecast. By the way, plans for coverage of learning the Tatar language as a mother tongue or as a state) is made in full.- Unhappy lot, agrees head of the Department of education of Kazan Ilsur Khaliullin. Maybe this is natural. Not all citizens wishing to enroll their children in kindergartens, can take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, we cannot 100% to cover the cost of textbooks. There are classes where parents are encouraged to buy some books if they wish to do, Some parents agree to do it, and then complain...part 3 But most of all complaints from parents too challenging curriculum. They say that children from morning to evening in the school, come home and prepare assignments. But we are the ones to change it can't. These are state Federal standards. By the way, so that now students do not receive an adequate level of education, main pedagogisena disagree.Teachers have strong, " he says.

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