Toy as a way of socialization

Toy as a way of socializationToy for a child is a way of socialization. It should be convenient for the child and should attract his attention, to be not faded, this applies especially toys for the little ones. Buying toys for a child we just need to understand how it will play, you must choose a toy, so she was a few functions more complex than can be performed while the baby, then it will be interesting to him and teach something new.Adults are mistaken when they think that buying a child a new toy, he can learn something new, it is not an adult and should be present to help the child. buy toys for children, but just keep in mind that they have to play not only your child but yourself.For example, "construction", very similar to the employment of the person. Erecting the tower, your baby learn to overcome difficulties, he turns on imagination, he can learn to focus on any fact. But first the child needs to show what can be done with blocks, then he will repeat what he saw as taught dad or mom, and later he will come up with different variations of buildings. Your task will be to stock up on the necessary number of materials: sticks, cubes, bricks, triangular prisms. The cubes will give the child to its development by several orders of magnitude more expensive than a doll or a radio-controlled machine.Whatever toy you decide to buy my child, do not forget that you must first acquaint with her child, to tell, to show, how to play with your new toy.

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