The United state is no longer the exam

The United state is no longer the examMinister of education and science of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper said that from the unified state exam (EGE) completely remove the test part and enter the oral examination in all the Humanities subjects. In fact, it is about the recognition of the failure lasted 15 years experiment with the exam."Discusses several fundamental changes aimed at improving the transparency of the unified state examination, revealing a knowledge of pupils and the learning level of their educational program, said yesterday the Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov. "We plan to gradually eliminate the part "A" of the tasks of the unified state examination of all variants in all subjects".Under the current structure of the exam, block "a" is the first in the exam and contains a test job in which you are required to choose one answer out of four offered. In addition to the rejection of the unit-"ohadike" planned oral examination in all the Humanities subjects and translation delivery state with the written form in a fully electronic format, Interfax reported. "We also plan to enter the oral part of the exam, emphasizes Dmitry Livanov. - Initially, this will be a foreign language, then this technology will be tested on all Humanities subjects (history, literature, and so on"."In fact, this is a complete admission of failure adventures with sue, said in an interview with the correspondent of "Nezavisimaya GAZETA" correspondent member of the Russian Academy of education Alexander Abramov. From the exam after that, if you call a spade a spade, nothing remains. After all, we were assured that the introduction of a formalized, based on the tests, the exam will allow you to avoid the subjectivity of the oral examination. And now the actual abandonment of the test system. This is a historic day, when recognized as a complete failure of this "experiment".Indeed, the exam alters the very concept that should give school - it was obvious to most experts. Besides the leaders of the education system, of course. So, the former Minister of education and science, and now Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko with absolute certainty does not get tired to repeat: the greatest achievement is the fact that the company took the exam. And the fact that, according to surveys of teachers, graduates of the schools would have received a 5 and 30% of twos in mathematics, if their work was estimated by adopted in the USSR parameters, Fursenko, apparently, do not bother.Now, 15 years every year we reported about the improvements in the system of the unified state examination". And here's improvement has come to its logical outcome: improve nothing and nowhere. Now, according to the Minister, all final changes will be prepared no later than August of this year, from September 1, were known to the new rules of the game, which will pass the exam in 2015."Serves the revolution, Alexander Abramov. - Does anyone think that this "change" you can do well?". By the way, now the question arises: who will be responsible for the actual failure of a 15-year experiment on the Russian education? According to the expert "NG" to make wise, informed decision in the current situation, it is necessary to establish a state Commission of inquiry into all the circumstances connected with the exam. In the jurisdiction of the Commission in the first place should include the development of the provisional rules final and entrance examinations in the current new situation.By itself this approach with the need to pull streamlining the entire corps school textbooks (today in the country for more than 3 thousand) and changing the standards of teaching in the school. Not accidentally, the education reformers are ready to talk about all of whatever - the tightening of controls in the exam, the introduction of CCTV on the exam, intentional massive surge in Network fake jobs for the exam... But flatly refuse to talk about the actual content of education. It all comes down only to the provision of so-called "functional literacy"."The question today is: serious, tidy, professional, education reform, or forget about 25 million high-tech jobs, spoke of President Vladimir Putin," said Alexander Abramov.It remains only to note that no country in the world has achieved socio-economic success, if expenditure on education it was less than 7% of the budget. In the Russian Federation in 2012 was 4%, and now the figure drops.

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