The newlyweds have combed through 1 km of river bottom in search of rings

The newlyweds have combed through 1 km of river bottom in search of ringsResident of Ulyanovsk, lost while bathing in the river your wedding ring, made familiar diver four days, with only a break for the night, to explore the bottom in search of the lost jewels.Andrew and Oksana Sokolova the wedding took place on June 22. Less than a month after the ceremony, as he lost his wedding ring.The couple were resting on the banks of the Volga. During the next swim ring accidentally slipped from his finger Andrew. All attempts to find a precious loss did not succeed - the depth of the river at this location is about 7 meters.I, of course, very upset, shares Life News Oksana Sokolova. To lose the ring immediately after the wedding is a bad sign. I even thought to myself then, that our marriage was doomed.Eugene Federation is the only one who responded to the call for help and found the ringAndrew could not bear the look of experiences beloved, because this is the ring she wore on his finger as a symbol of their strong love. The ring was dear to him. After all, Andrew sought consent Oksana to become his wife three years.Now only to find a specialist submariner has proven difficult. Professional rescuers to start searching for a ring refused. Friends advised upset newlyweds to apply to the diving club.A few days Andrei had to persuade divers. Divers were sure to find a small ring at the 7-meter depth is not possible, and refused to help the couple. Not helped neither threats nor monetary reward.To call for help responded only Eugene Federation. The diver decided to tempt fate and still try to get the ring from the bottom. Diver even made a bet with his colleagues.However, to find miniature jewelry turned out to be very difficult. Eugene 4 days in a row had to explore the bottom of the Volga river near the public beach.The water temperature was 12 degrees, " Life News the diver. - Visibility is not more than a meter. Moreover, at the bottom of the river was a lot of junk and it is very distracting from the main task.For a long time of searching Eugene pulled from the bottom of a few sunglasses, wallet, camera, keys, and three mobile phones. And only on the fourth day under centimeter layer of sludge that burst.I could not believe that this is the ring that says happy Oksana. - At first I thought that Andrew just bought a new one. Did not expect that her husband will ask the diver to descend to the bottom to find the ring.For their work the diver Eugene Federation of male solidarity was not taken with a happy man a penny.The best reward for me was the peace and tranquility of a young family, " he told Life News the diver. "And I wiped the nose of his colleagues, who said that to find the ring unrealistic. And you yourself was wondering if I could find such a small object at the bottom of the river.Now Andrew and Oksana Sokolova sure that any hardships they are not terrible. As was found miraculously ring is a kind of sign that their marriage really is concluded in heaven.

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