The doctor came to the sick child and became a hostage

The doctor came to the sick child and became a hostage"I can't come to this house: my shakes. And yesterday on his land went to the entrance, the Elevator opened, I saw this... great woman and I was again shaking... even now can't look at the big women, shaking. I say, we ought to go to a psychologist, I understand that you need, but once"... - Dr. Elena Meshcheryakova diligently remains calm, even from time to time depicts a smile, but I still awkward compared to her, perhaps, and I am... well, pretty much... May I also remind this fragile woman about experienced horror.Monday for clinics traditionally heavy day: we receive calls from all who are ill at the weekend. On Monday, March 3, at the local pediatrist of the children's polyclinic в„–9 Elena Kazan Meshcheryakova according to plan was the admission of patients from 16.00 to 19.00. About 10 a.m. Savolainen told her that "we need to take another section from those with a regular doctor no. As with all of the Kazan clinics, in this - it is quite large and in good standing lack precinct is 40 percent.As explained it to me doctor, doctor of medical Sciences Marat Sadykov, usually this staff shortage is not strongly affects the work, but when seasonal rise in the incidence, as it is now...In short, the doctor Meshcheryakova had before and after his admission to the clinic to get around patients and on their site (there was more than 20 calls), and second (12 calls). I asked her: and all this can be done in four hours spent in the employment contract to work on the site? "We don't look at the time, working up to the last baby," just explains it.Up to this apartment, where was the call to the 6-year-old boy with a temperature of 38 suspected of having SARS, Elena Borisovna was reached only at 19.15. She did not know that the atmosphere behind that door was heated in the morning and has now reached boiling point, does not seem appropriate to the intended severity of the child's condition...Call from mother - love Field - entered 9.55, - says the head doctor Marat Sadykov. She said that the child has a temperature of 38, she said that the doctor will be during the day... At 18.28 mom called again, was irritated and this time have already said that last night the child had febrile convulsions (seizures occur in children at temperatures above 38 degrees. - "VK"). She explained that in 19 hours the doctor finishes the reception and immediately come: this family lives in the same house, where our clinic occupies the first floor...It includes an audio recording of this call. Sounds like my mother's voice: "what are You doing?! You want me you tomorrow for all instances handed?!".- The apartment was a large woman. "You have a conscience?! "she screamed at me. "You the whole day was too lazy to come up here!" - says Elena Meshcheryakova about his arrival in the apartment of love Field. - There was a 6-year-old child, the elder daughter is a teenager and young man, I understand, man. I went on to explain that the whole day went by challenge and took the sick, but they were shouting and scolding!.. From the scream I lost... Then I said I can't work, and turned toward the door. And here it me or hit, or simply pushed, but so that I bounced off the door to the kitchen. She shouted: "You will not!".After that, says Meshcheryakova, she began to see the boy in the bathroom and heard at this time in the next room mother talking on the phone:- She called the ambulance, the police and said that the doctor does not want to see the child. I went to the phone and explained everything. After that, the mother pushes drove me back into the room, and the door was closed...When we arrived, I saw a woman - a big, excited, aggressive. Next the child was crying, " says emergency physician Rumia Valiullin. - Look, left the glass door into the room, and knock out, say something! And the daughter was standing, holding the door. Ask: who is knocking, husband, whether that was locked? And I hear: "I'm the local pediatrist has closed". How so, did you have such a right?! It says, my business. Then, I propose: let's go into the room, I child see. Answers: "No, I wasn't going to release"...Rumia Valiullin says that when viewed her child has a temperature that was 36,6, "no rattles, nothing". But she offered to go to the Republican hospital for infectious diseases (rcib): "If history has febrile seizures, we are obliged to admit, and according to mom, these seizures were". However, in the hospital reason for hospitalization of the child is not found...Call received by a call center of about 8 PM. Field said that the pediatrician came to call, but the child does not provide assistance, " says the inspector of the juvenile police Department "Savinovo" Lily Isakov (polyclinic в„–9 "VK" assured that this child on any account as disabled is not). The door I opened the app herself, it was her eldest daughter, crying youngest child, the apartment went to her husband, and the door to the hall was closed. The daughter held the door. Immediately I didn't understand what was happening, and was very surprised to learn that behind the closed door is a doctor. Then I stepped into the room... the Doctor was just in shock!According to love Field, no reason to complain Dr. no:- The child at 5.30 a.m. had febrile convulsions. On their own I knocked down the temperature. The clinic said wait during the day, no doctors. At 18.30 I began to doubt, will the doctor, and called an ambulance. Although the hospital is near! Came the doctor, but began to speak, she was tired and wanted to leave.

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