In Tatarstan will be fined the driver of the Oka, carrying the child in the trunk

In Tatarstan will be fined the driver of the Oka, carrying the child in the trunkIn Tatarstan, the driver of the car "Oka" can draw on several counts: for violation of the rules of transportation of children and for improper upbringing of the child. The reason for verification and compilation of the administrative Protocol was the picture of extraordinary witnesses of the incident, posted on the Internet in the last days of August.Photo and placed underneath the text described the fact of gross violations of traffic rules by the driver of the car "Oka", which was carrying the child in the vehicle to open the trunk. Downloading car to the top of various building boards, the adults decided to please and baby. They stopped about natural market upon departure from Kazan to buy a bike. After this purchase, the place for the boy in the car remained only in the trunk.On photographs taken by witnesses, clearly visible registration marks of the car. Therefore, to establish the identity of the driver was not difficult. It turned out that this 40-year-old resident of one of the districts of Tatarstan.In respect of the offender prosecuted the case on administrative offence, the investigation established that on that day he, his brother and 6-year-old boy came to the city for construction materials. About the traffic rules that explain about the use of child restraints, and the more danger, which has subjected the child (the journey home took place on one of the busiest routes), the men decided not to think.When the traffic police have charged the driver of the small car photo violation, he did not deny his guilt.As the correspondent of IA "Tatar-inform", the head of the Department of the Kirov district of the police Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Kazan Rafael Sagdiyev, in relation to men was drawn up a Protocol on administrative offence under Art. 12.23 of the administrative code (Violation of rules of transportation of people"). In addition, currently set relationship of all participants extreme trip to Kazan. Then the documents will be prepared at the district Commission on Affairs of minors on bringing the boy's parents accountable for improper upbringing of the child, under 5 tbsp..35 the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation ("the Failure of parents or other legal representatives of minors responsibilities for the maintenance and education of minors")."Hopefully, together with the increase in the penalties for violation of traffic rules will increase people's awareness and such egregious cases of irresponsible attitude towards children's safety on the road is no longer," he said Sagdiyev.Recall, from September 1, the penalty for improper transportation of a minor in the vehicle is increased to 3 thousand.

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