In kindergarten nurse pulled out a tuft of hair at the kid

In kindergarten nurse pulled out a tuft of hair at the kidIn Elabuga 4-year-old kindergarten pupil has suffered from the hands of the younger teacher, and simply Babysitting. She punished him for what he had eaten.As told to "Evening Kazan" inspector media relations Elabuga MIA Love Bikmullina, the incident in the garden occurred on 10 September, while respondents are not all parties to the conflict.According to the nanny, it became known that on that day the teacher took all the children to bed after dinner. The table has only one boy who could not cope with his portion. Toddler angry nurse that long chewed. And when he began to clean up the dishes and dropped the plate, then finally brought the woman out of yourself. Nurse attacked the child and pulled out a tuft of hair.The boy told about the incident to the teacher, which at this point was with the other children in the bedroom. She noticed the clothes your baby's hair. The teacher reprimanded the nurse, but from the parents, the staff of the kindergarten unpleasant incident had been concealed.The mother noticed propleshiny my son on the head a week later. Then the child is told what happened. And only after that the nurse with the teacher apologized to the parents of the baby.They went to this family. Wanted to settle the matter without recourse to the law enforcement authorities, " said the inspector Elabuga MIA Love Bikmullina.However, parents of the injured boy decided to write a statement to the police. Meanwhile, the nurse from kindergarten already fired.- The official instructions for the use of methods of physical and psychological violence in the kindergarten personnel may be dismissed, said the correspondent of the "Evening Kazan" head Elabuga kindergarten в„–25 Lyudmila Polcanova.According to the head, in conversation with her nurse said she herself does not understand how he could do this. 49-year-old woman for 20 years he worked as a Junior teacher in one kindergarten and before this case did not show aggression towards children. "She worked in different groups with many teachers, and all was well. On the day of birth of the children tried to make them small gifts," says head.Now the boy continues to walk in kindergarten, he had worked psychologists. In ATC noticed that the mother of the baby still did not give evidence to the police."Investigators are not in a hurry with charges as the parties may still agree," said the inspector Bikmullina.However, a criminal case under article 156 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation "Dereliction of duty on the upbringing of a minor" is instituted. If you negotiate an amicable parties do not succeed, then the nurse may face a fine of up to 100 thousand rubles. And the maximum penalty for this offence is imprisonment up to 3 years.source: Evening KazanRelated articles:Kindergartens - Need children in kindergarten TV?Kindergartens - "Hot line" illegal "extortion" in kindergartens and schools will work constantlyKindergartens kindergarten with a smileNursery - kindergarten.

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