Police Kazan detained a man suspected of 65 rape. VIDEO

Police Kazan detained a man suspected of 65 rape. VIDEOEugeny Shutov was declared wanted in the July 2012 year, to cooperate with law enforcement authorities, he refuses, but checking fingerprints showed clearly that he is.This morning, June 10, on the phone, "052" called the man and said that in the yard saw one similar to shutoff. In place immediately left the staff of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, Kazan and crew PPP. Suspect arrested almost immediately. Seeing the police, he tried to escape, and when the detention began to resist. At this point the man was trying to portray a mental disorder.Recall that since 2003 on the territory of Kazan was committed a series of rapes. Staff specially created investigative groups have studied all the material Affairs, and came to the conclusion that we are talking about one and the same person.- Jesters chose slender long-haired girls from 15 to 25 years, watched them and followed them for several days, learning the routine of the victims. And then he attacked. Often, he would go over to the victim in the driveway, was threatened with a knife and forced the victim to climb to the top floor, - informs the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs.In total, from 2003 to 2012, the suspect committed 65 attacks on women. Despite the fact that all the victims were given an accurate description of the appearance of the perpetrator, to establish the identity of the men for a long time could not. Detectives worked a huge range of people: persons previously convicted for violent crimes, people with the appropriate mental disabilities and registered.After one of the crimes received information from witnesses that the suspect can drive a car "Opel Astra" in red. According to traffic police in the Republic there are more than 3 thousand of these cars, 300 of them registered in Kazan. While investigators examined the Kazan car owners, the traffic police had taken all entering the city on red cars a mark in the OP of Guards, where they dactyloscopidae, made in the database and took samples for DNA analysis.

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