Crafts on February 23. Gift dad and grandfather own hands

Crafts on February 23. Gift dad and grandfather own handsPostcard, hand made, can be considered a gift, but it is better to complement her children's crafts for February 23. This can be a makeshift boat made of paper, cardboard or foam; plane, car or even a tank, made by hand. Another interesting crafts to February 23, about which we will tell you in this article, a home - made robot from "garbage": tin cans, plastic lids, nuts, screws, unnecessary components.1. February 23 with their hands. Crafts for February 23A good gift for dad or grandpa to February 23 can be a boat made by the child's own hands. Read more -->

Igor Babayants: If out of your head immediately - feet

Igor Babayants: If out of your head immediately - feet"Painting where comes the freedom of feelings," he said. And above all he is trying to convey to their young students. Book Illustrator and master of engineering silhouette Igor Babayants for many, many years teaches kids to draw. Write about it, because of its own educational system most of his students became professionals. But perhaps the most obvious result of his teaching success - daughter Arsenic, which continues the family tradition. Igor Ivanovich told how to teach your child to draw what you see in children's illustration and what unexpected turns can be a creative way.Igor Ivanovich Babayants - graphic artist. Read more -->

The third investigated in 2013 dairy products were adulterated - CPS RT

The third investigated in 2013 dairy products were adulterated - CPS RTLast year in Tatarstan laboratory investigated about 60 thousand samples of food products for compliance with hygienic standards. This was reported, speaking today at the Board of Management of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human wellbeing, the Commissioner Marina Patatina.She noted the positive dynamics of the decrease microbial contamination of food products and food raw materials in Tatarstan to 4.3 percent. This indicator in the Republic for the first time in 7 years has been below the national average.M Patatina expressed concern about some of sanitary-chemical indicators of food safety."A 2-fold increase in the detection of histamine in fish products, indicating a gross violation of the production, storage and transportation of the products," she said.According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor on RT, in the consumer market, more than 33 percent of the investigated dairy products were adulterated with vegetable fats without appropriate labelling for consumers."This sin unscrupulous businesses to reduce the cost of the finished product. In 85 percent of cases, non-dairy fats falsify butter. Such products are often imported from Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza and Samara regions", - said the speaker.The number of Tatarstan manufacturers, falsifying dairy products vegetable fats, compared with last year dropped 3 times.As assured by the speaker, in the last 3 years the Republican producers more than 2.5 times decreased the share of food products with chemical pollutants.The share of imported food products with chemical pollutants were 3 times higher than the same indicators of Tatarstan and other Russian manufacturers.Last year the management of treatment was seized around 30 tonnes of imported food products. Total management regulations withdrawn from circulation for about 120 tons of poor-quality and dangerous food products.Today, the security officers of the management company "Just milk" raided in the agro-industrial Park "Kazan" in order to make test purchases adulterated oil - counterfeit products under well-known brand.According to the head of the Department of production and control "Just milk" Yulia Tarasova, from buyers in the last 2 months of calls with complaints about the quality of the oil, which is a well-known brand. Read more -->

Books in which the main characters of the boys

Books in which the main characters of the boysUp to 7 years:1) Hans Andersen: The Snow Queen2) Agnia Barto: it Was my grandmother forty grandchildren3) James Barrie: Peter Pan4) Judy Blume: Peter pine, or Younger brothers do not choose5) Catherine Boyarsky: Hey, becomes an adult: a historical tale for children6) Spiridon vangheli: Cuba from the village of Turturica7) Spiridon Vangheli: Adventure Guguce. Stories8) Spiridon vangheli: guguce - the captain of the ship9) Alex Vinokurov: Exposing the Black Dog: a historical tale for children10) Ruth Gannett: My father's dragon11) William Hauf: Little Mook12) Paul Gallico: Jenny13) Quentin Graban: blame it on the orange14) MABs Gudrun: "Grandma!" - shouts Frederick15) MABs Gudrun: Grandma! again shouts Frederick16) MABs Gudrun: Grandma and Frieder - friends forever!17) Rachel Gurevich: Rita, Bob and Injustice18) Norton Juster: Cute and magical booth19) Crockett Johnson, Harold and the purple crayon20) Donaldson and Scheffler: Favorite book Charlie cook21) Victor Dragunsky: Deniskin stories22) Victor Dragoon: the Big book of stories23) Yuri Friends: the Magic school Pencil and Homemade24) Yuri Friends: adventures of Pencil and Homemade: a True tale25) Boris Zhitkov: I won!26) Leonid Zavalniuk: Kohl, Olya and Archimedes27) Louis Kern: Look, elephant...28) Dick King-Smith: Lady Daisy29) korostylev, Suteev: Vovka in Neverland30) Selma Lagerlof: the Wonderful adventures of Nils with the wild geese31) Ekaterina Lebedeva: my Brother Sprat32) Risk Lemmens: Leon growls33) Mikhail Lermontov: Ashik - Kerib: Turkish tale34) Astrid Lindgren: We are all from Bullerby35) Astrid Lindgren: the adventures of Emil from Lenneberg36) Astrid Lindgren: As Emil hit head soup tureen37) Astrid Lindgren: As Emil poured the batter on the head Pope38) Astrid Lindgren: Crumb Nils Carlson39) Astrid Lindgren: the Kid and Karlsson on the roof40) the World lobe: Granny Apple49) mine McMaster: In the dark50) Luciano Malmusi: Neanderthal boy, or Big hike51) Luciano Malmusi: Neanderthal boy and the CRO-Magnons52) Samuel Marshak: Wax BLOB53) Nikolay Nosov: Visionaries54) noses, noses: All the adventures of Neznaika. Set of 4 books55) Nikolay Nosov: dunno and his friends56)Vladimir Odoevsky: Town of snuff57) Manuela Olten: Quickly in bed!58) Valentine Aseeva: Blue leaves59) Leonid Panteleyev: Honestly60) Dolphin Perret: I, wolf and vacation with grandpa61) Charles Perrault: Tom thumb62) Valentin Postnikov: Pencil and Samodelkin on the island of giant insects62) Valentin Postnikov: Pencil and Samodelkin on the island of fantastic plants63) Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the wolf ( CD)64) Sophia Prokofiev: the adventures of yellow suitcase65) Sophia Prokofiev: the New adventures of yellow suitcase66) Sophia Prokofiev: Karisik and Slowride67) Archpriest Nikolai: Kindness spiritual. Tales-Proverbs68) Daniel rГ¶mer: Small knight69) Gianni Rodari: Tales by phone70) Gianni Rodari: Tales by phone71) Carl Roman: OLE can't sleep72) Svetoslav Saharov: solar boy72) Sergey Sedov: the Tale of a boy Lesha73) Peter Sinyavsky: Tankers cheers!74) Peter Sinyavsky: I pilots want very75) Peter Sinyavsky: On the ribbon written "Varyag". . . Read more -->

Oksana Fedorova raising of the daughter of "Miss Universe""

Oksana Fedorova raising of the daughter of on July 22 of this year, Oksana Fedorova became a mother for the 2nd time. The "Miss Universe" was born late in the evening of a long-awaited daughter Elizabeth. Now Oksana is very much involved with the kids at a special Japanese technique. It consists in the fact that children playfully learn that older children will be provided with work. Training in the Japanese system must be alternated with music for the development of hearing.Fedorov is sure that her daughter will grow up in this clever and beautiful. Even the name of the wife picked up on the basis of the canons of world trends. Read more -->

Nastya Kamenskih discovered the truth about her pregnancy

Nastya Kamenskih discovered the truth about her pregnancyIn the summer of 2013, many fans said that the Ukrainian star Nastya Kamenskih more rapidly increases in volume. Many spiteful critics have even said that very soon the star will catch up with his partner on stage - Potap. Some suspected the singer in pregnancy. At the "New wave" in Jurmala She wore the outfit, which only emphasized bulging belly. Gown of lace and sheer mesh body color put Anastasia in an interesting position at the 6th month.Anastasia in response to suspicions replied that she did not have time for the gym. Just a couple of weeks ago Potap was able to discover the reasons of the fulness of his colleagues. Read more -->

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