Sabantuy-2013: Champions and ballet

Sabantuy-2013: Champions and balletIn General, the traditional month for festivals - June. But in Tatarstan decided: why main Sabantuy is not to be held in July - just in the Universiade? And guests will be something to see, and we'll have something to show.All will begin at 9 a.m. in the village of peace. Every shrub Birch groves, where you will gather the most important guests of the holiday, check cynologists with dogs.On the Maidan for spectators will put their intricate "trinkets" artisans, and after a couple of hours will begin the show.- The names of the stars who will sing from the stage for guests who will not be called. This is a surprise, said the Ministry of culture of the Republic.But Kazan persistently rumored that one of the VIP guests during the feast will become the country's President Vladimir Putin. Sure add word press Secretary to the first person of the state:Putin may visit the competitions held these days in Kazan Universiade.Most likely we are talking about judo, as with martial arts at the Russian President's special relationship: he is a master of sports in Sambo and holds a black belt in karate.In his previous visits to the feast of the plow Putin took a coin from katyk, danced Tatar folk music, was rooting for horses at the racetrack. Read more -->

Daughter Konchalovsky will result in consciousness until the New year

Daughter Konchalovsky will result in consciousness until the New yearThe daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky - Maria is still in a coma. Girl 12 October got in an accident with her parents - she was unbuckled and got a head injury.Immediately after the accident, Mary fainted, she was evacuated by helicopter to one of the French hospitals of Marseille. In her state of health until there is no change, it is "hard-stable" condition.Doctors give hope to parents - it is possible that Maria will regain consciousness until the New year. The hope of salvation and full recovery is, in medicine known cases of a longer stay in a coma. It all depends on the organism, the presence of chronic diseases, the immune properties. . Read more -->

September 26 houses Kazantsev warmer

September 26 houses Kazantsev warmerSeptember 26 will begin the start-up of heat in the dwelling house of Kazan. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the Executive Committee of the city, the official portal of city hall.Recall, even before the official start of the heating season kicked off the start of heat in the social objects of the capital of Tatarstan, in the first place it kindergartens, schools and hospitals.But 2 more weeks for planova occurrences during the heating season, will regulate the centralized heat supply. . . . . Read more -->

Megan Fox gave birth to second son and admitted that "at first it was difficult""

Megan Fox gave birth to second son and admitted that The name of the newborn young parents decided not to call. Meanwhile, Greene admitted to journalists that "I never wanted myself to be pregnant":- To give birth to a baby is something incredible complexity. I understand that, so I try to do for Megan everything that will be asked, and to all her requests answered "Yes," he said in an interview to ABC.And she Megan complained that in the early stages of pregnancy .always suffered from terrible nausea:"I was very heavy the first trimester. But as soon as I stepped inside, the rest of the pregnancy was just wonderful.Recall that the first child, the actress gave birth at the age of 26. Previously, she was admitted to journalists that have always dreamed about the baby, and can't wait when their family with Brian Austin green will begin to grow. "I want two, maybe three children," she admitted to the magazine "Cosmopolitan".Megan and Brian were married in 2010. Read more -->

In the Kazan zoo come out of hibernation brown bears

In the Kazan zoo come out of hibernation brown bearsIn the Kazan zoo was a joyful event - woke up brown bears. It is noteworthy that this year both bears: 11-year-old Fomka and 33-year-old Kuchum woke up at the same time on 4 March.Thanks created optimal conditions for moving to the winter sleep, the bears woke up in great shape, according to the official portal of the city with reference to the press service of tomotada. . . . . Read more -->

Kazan kindergarten gave it to the homeless

Kazan kindergarten gave it to the homelessTomorrow two-storey slum address Garifjanova, 4A will celebrate its second anniversary. In 2011, the international children's day, there was a decision of the city authorities on the transfer of this building with the balance of JSC "Quart" in municipal ownership. And as conveyed to protect ceased. The current state of the object is terrifying.On Tuesday there some kid beat box, the day before the building was fighting bums - call police had, in the past year Teens corpse found in the building... But this was a cozy children's center, my daughter there dancing involved! - told the correspondent of "VK" resident of a neighboring chetyrnadcatiletnii Tamara Sadyhanova.Most of the Windows of the building closed lattices, however, to get inside can be anyone: the doors wide open. While we fotokor climb the stairs under my feet crunch the broken bottles. Read more -->

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