A resident of Kazan convicted of fraud with the parent capital

A resident of Kazan convicted of fraud with the parent capitalAccording to the investigation, in February 2011, the 35-year-old Vitsy Oglu paid the doctor pediatrician Children's city clinical hospital в„– 7" two help that her 15-year-old daughter allegedly gave birth to two children.After that Oglu and her daughter received at the district Department of the registry office of the birth certificate. In the subsequent Management of the Pension Fund young "mother" the certificate was issued to parent capital in the amount of 387 thousand.To dispose of the certificate Oglu not have time. Her actions were stopped by law enforcement officers.Aircraft district court of Kazan Vitsy Oglu found guilty on three counts: attempted theft of funds upon receipt of welfare payments, committed on a large scale, involving a minor in the Commission of a crime and bribery. The woman was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. . . Read more -->

Make carnival costumes with their hands

Make carnival costumes with their handsSoon the meadow will be new year's eve masquerade ball. Eroshka and his friends up and make costumes. The hedgehog will teach you how to become a pirate or GhostPrincessPrincess dress you can make two scarves, cementing their brooches or pins on the shoulders, as shown in the figure.How to make capThis hat will be useful for Princess costume, sorceress, witch, and many others.Cut the cardboard circle. Make a cut up the middle. Fold up the cone until it. To attach the topThe crown of the egg cartonThis crown will fit and the Prince and Princess.You will need: a box of eggs, foil, decoration, glitter and everything, than you can decorate the crown.Cut a long strip out of the box, such that it went to your head. Read more -->

The medical records for admission to the school is not required

The medical records for admission to the school is not requiredArina protection, human rights activist: 17 April 2012 in Russia changed the order of admission of children in schools. Now for recording and reception of the child in secondary school do not need a medical card and other conclusions about the health of children, they are provided only at the request of parents.Changes for more than a year, but they do not know not only many parents, but schools! Offer active parents who want to help themselves and all others to live easier and more enjoyable, to disseminate this information as widely as possible. Tell familiar to parents of future first, let precinct pediatricians, tell the nurse and the principal.I guess that not everyone will be happy with the new rules. People "system" struggling with that all were accounted for and calculated. However, don't let anyone put you in a "happy" future "iron hand". Allow yourself to choose desired your child checkups, doctors, and if Yes, what kind and where.So, new rules were established by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (Ministry of education and science) from February 15, 2012 107 N "On approval of the Procedure of reception of citizens in educational institutions". Read more -->

Opening the closed door. Unexpected cooperation of lactation consultant and mom

Opening the closed door. Unexpected cooperation of lactation consultant and momThat Saturday I was on duty a lactation consultant at our hospital, the baby-friendly. I came to sit in nursing after the lecture on breastfeeding. My colleague was discussing his patient with the doctor, when did the husband of the other patient and asked her to help with feeding from a bottle. She smiled and motioned: "in a minute" she spoke. I offered to replace it, as it was not busy. Read more -->

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