Scandalous party "House-2" became the father of

Scandalous party The once-popular "house" Gennady Djikia became a father. His son was born. This event occurred on January 27. Fans of the project and close Gennady congratulate him on this significant event.By the way, the guy also known for the fact that he is suspected of fraud and theft of 3 million rubles.In 2011, the police received allegations of embezzling money from clients of the supplier company cars LLC Deposit-Credo", where Djikia worked as the Executive Director. Buyers paid money for expensive cars, but the cars to them and has not arrived. According to the statement of the victims, Jikia was proposed to accelerate purchases to give money to him personally and then the received funds were transferred to the Bank account of one of the employees of the company. Read more -->

On the territory of the Ronald McDonald opened a House Ronald McDonald

On the territory of the Ronald McDonald opened a House Ronald McDonaldYesterday on the territory of the Children's Republican clinical hospital hosted the opening ceremony of the first Russian House Ronald McDonald.The event was attended by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, aide to RT President on social issues Tatyana Larionova, chair of the Board of the Foundation of the House Ronald McDonald, President of McDonald's in Russia and Eastern Europe Khamzat Khasbulatov, the Minister of health care Airat Farrakhov, Minister of labour, employment and social protection of the Republic of Airat Shafigullin, mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and other officials. Also at the festival was attended by those who tomorrow will enter this hotel.The head of the Republic in his speech stressed that the construction of the House Ronald McDonald is a very good project. "Children who are undergoing treatment at the children's Republican clinical hospital need their parents' presence and attention. Thank you to the company "McDonald's", which managed to build this house," said Rustam Minnikhanov.The President expressed hope for further cooperation with the company "McDonald's". "If the company will still be some projects and ideas, we are ready to help you implement in Tatarstan. I hope the cooperation will continue," he said.The President of McDonalds in Russia and Eastern Europe, in turn, congratulated all those present at the event with a celebration of the opening of Russia's first House Ronald McDonald. Read more -->

In Tatarstan will be fined the driver of the Oka, carrying the child in the trunk

In Tatarstan will be fined the driver of the Oka, carrying the child in the trunkIn Tatarstan, the driver of the car "Oka" can draw on several counts: for violation of the rules of transportation of children and for improper upbringing of the child. The reason for verification and compilation of the administrative Protocol was the picture of extraordinary witnesses of the incident, posted on the Internet in the last days of August.Photo and placed underneath the text described the fact of gross violations of traffic rules by the driver of the car "Oka", which was carrying the child in the vehicle to open the trunk. Downloading car to the top of various building boards, the adults decided to please and baby. They stopped about natural market upon departure from Kazan to buy a bike. After this purchase, the place for the boy in the car remained only in the trunk.On photographs taken by witnesses, clearly visible registration marks of the car. Therefore, to establish the identity of the driver was not difficult. Read more -->

The doctor came to the sick child and became a hostage

The doctor came to the sick child and became a hostage"I can't come to this house: my shakes. And yesterday on his land went to the entrance, the Elevator opened, I saw this... great woman and I was again shaking... even now can't look at the big women, shaking. I say, we ought to go to a psychologist, I understand that you need, but once"... - Dr. Read more -->

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