True and false lactase deficiency. How to understand?

True and false lactase deficiency. How to understand?What are the signs LN? Abdominal pain since when? - 2-3 minutes or 15-20 minutes from the beginning of feeding? So constipation or watery liquid with foam? Weight gain is always? But often mothers of children with like signs LN another kilmallock eat tons :((How to understand?Malabsorption, lactose - lactose malabsorption. Or lactase deficiency (LF)To understand what I like most about paediatric textbooks published before the beginning of the era of lactase-baby, Lachezar, etc., in short, lactose intolerance is clinically manifested by diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, pain in the abdomen after feeding milk. If you continue suckling breastfeeding develops dystrophy. When the reduction of milk or its abolition is improving the state of the child and the increase of body weight.For diagnostics it is proposed to use the pH of the feces less than 5.5 and increase excretion of carbohydrates in Calais 2D% or more ( due to lactose, xylose, galactose, glucose) (Shabalov, "Childhood diseases" 1993) You all know that now the "norm" for some reason is considered to be 0.25 g%. These children I see around a couple of times a year. Read more -->

Kazan teacher is a pedophile interested investigators

Kazan teacher is a pedophile interested investigatorsActivists, antipeople caught the teacher near the Chemists where he arrived for a meeting with a fourteen year old teenager, who up to this in the course of correspondence on one of the online Dating portals offered together to watch porn, go to the sauna and to have sex.A conversation with Amateur Teens captured on video, which was uploaded to the network, after which he was released back home. Commenting on the incident activists Ocupy Pedophiles" lamented the fact that publicity is so far the only method of struggle against pedophiles, which is in the Arsenal of volunteers. Previously they were handed over to the police, but, as a rule, after three hours in the plot were released.But now, it seems that the situation has changed. The investigative Committee of Russia Tatarstan said that at the moment "necessary measures are being taken aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident".During the conversation with the representative of the Investigative Committee said that approves our activities, commented "Komsomolskaya Pravda" this news one of the activists of the Kazan antipayutinskogo movement Ilya Lensky. . . Read more -->

Eva bushmina can't hide a pregnant belly

Eva bushmina can't hide a pregnant bellyEva bushmina got married in 2012 fall. The chosen singer became Ukrainian Deputy Vladimir Lanovoy. As argued relatives of the couple, Eva and Vladimir ago met. The ceremony took place in Koncha-Zaspa. For the rest of the guests watched a heightened level of protection. For wedding chose an Italian restaurant where all the staff have signed non-disclosure agreement.Since eve several times already "pregnant". Read more -->

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation explained the mechanism of fraud with madapollam, in which the accused Paul Segal

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation explained the mechanism of fraud with madapollam, in which the accused Paul SegalCitizens of Russia used maternity capital for repayment of loans for purchase of housing obtained through credit cooperatives and microfinance institutions unreasonably high interest rates from 20 to 80 percent. This was reported in the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation on the results of the appropriate test, reports the economic information Agency "Prime".The Department has submitted to the Pension Fund of Russia, and gave the case to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.In the period 2012-2013, the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation held a number of control measures on the use of Federal funds allocated for the payment of the maternity capital. Tests in the Pension Fund of Russia, and also in the offices of the FIU in Chechnya, Tatarstan, Omsk, Vladimir and Chelyabinsk regions."The test results were the facts that the funds of the parent capital were used by the owners of the parent certificates for repayment of credits and loans for housing received through credit cooperatives and microfinance institutions unreasonably high interest rates from 20 to 80 percent," reported in the control office.This situation, according to the auditors, is made possible due to the imperfection of the current legislation - we are talking about the Federal law "On additional measures of state support to families with children".Recall that in mid-November on suspicion of fraud to the parent capital was detained first Vice-President of all-Russian public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship "OPORA Russia" on regional development, the head of LLC "Management company "Center for microfinance", the founder of the Center for microfinance," shareholder "Avtogradbanka" Paul Segal. But he was detained a number of other persons According to the investigation, the offenders through a network of microfinance institutions designed fictitious documents on the issuance of loans for purchase of housing, which were sent to the territorial subdivision of the FIU, making payments of the parent capital. Sigal taken into custody until 19 January 2014 He was charged for 4 hours Art. 159 of the criminal code ("Fraud in an organized group in especially large size). Read more -->

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